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For Honor, For Valor, And For Earth!"

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The Shadows are based in the time after the Expeditionary force has left earth. (After the First Robotech war, before the Masters arrive for the second Robotech war.) Approximately 2023.  It's a time of much strife as the old government wains and a new one rises to prominence.  Through all of it man still seeks to expand to the stars and other men seek to control it all.  (See official time line here.)

This RPG sees fantastic battles on earth, on other planets and in space.   Fighting against aliens and other humans, all in a bid to save man kind form him self.  But after a hard day of slogging it, we also love to kick back and relax with our favorite drink and tell old war stories.

If this sounds like something you would like to try, we are always looking for new members.  Just fill in the recruitment form and then sign up for the forums.  An officer will contact you shortly to help you with basic training.
General Fastrax

Join up today and see the solar system!
just fill out the Recruitment form HERE
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For more on the back story of the Shadows.  Check out this entry in the WIKI here
Have questions about what we do or how we are organized? Drop us an email. Command Staff
Otherwise check out the WIKI, there is a lot of info in there.